Barbie Girls In A Barbie World

On July 21, the highly-anticipated movie of the summer, Barbie (2023), was released in theaters. It was announced in April 2022, with Director Greta Gerwig putting incredible detail into the film, which was quickly noticed by fans through trailers and teaser videos. In the very first clip of the official trailer, Barbie (Margot Robbie) steps out of her high heels without dropping her feet to the ground, as real Barbie dolls can’t move their feet from the arched position they are given. Something else that’s been given a lot of attention to detail is Robbie’s outfits for the movie’s press tour: every outfit is made to match a different Barbie; for example, the one shown below is the Day-to-Night Barbie.

Image Source: Page Six

But what will you be wearing to Barbie? If you want to follow in Robbie’s footsteps, here are a few Barbie dolls whose looks you can recreate for the theater.

Image Source: Mattel

Made in 1977, the Superstar Barbie wears a monochrome, hot pink fit composed of heels, a floor-length dress, and a boa while completing the look with big jewelry–a ring, necklace, and earrings–and blue eyeshadow. This dress from Nasty Gal gets pretty close to matching Barbie’s, but it doesn’t need to be exact to exude the essence of Superstar Barbie. 

If you want a less glam look, you can copy Barbie D.I.Y. Emoji Style. This doll was released in 2017, so she embraces the current era by using emojis. The point of the doll is that her owner can use the emoji stickers to decorate her clothing. She has a variety of options, so you could go with a pink, striped, or polka-dotted tank top and pair them with overalls and black heels. To match this doll, you can wear overalls with patches on them or add patches to the shirt you go with. Whatever you wear, make sure it’s decorated!

Image Source: Walmart

One option I love is going as one of the original movies in the Barbie franchise! This doll is Elina from Barbie Fairytopia (2005), and to match her vibe, the primary thing to include would be wings. A pink dress with pink makeup accompanied by wings will be all you need. Other characters from films I personally love that can provide outfit inspiration are Princess Anneliese and Erika from Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper (2004), Nori from Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia (2006), and any of the princesses from Barbie in the Twelve Dancing Princesses (2006).

My main idea is to simply wear pink. If matching a doll or going as something from one of the movies isn’t your jam or doesn’t work with what’s in your wardrobe, the color pink is all you need. It’s a Barbie summer even outside of the movie, so if you don’t make it to the film, you can always bring the essence of Barbie with you in your daily looks.