Back in the Groove

Image Source: Jasmine Liu

School bells are ringing! It’s time to hop on the bus back to school. Whether you spent your summer working, doing an internship, or just relaxing, it is time to get back into that good ole routine of learning more in classes and keeping busy.

Yes, it is a bit daunting to think about it all, even after years and years of school. I’m particularly jittery this year because I haven’t been at my university since December 2017 as I was studying abroad this past spring semester.

But fear not! Here are some tips on preparing for school and starting the year off sharp!

  1. Get all your supplies you need INCLUDING an agenda.
    • This will keep you from being unorganized and flustered on the first day of school when you realize you need things like folders, pens, and an agenda! Believe me, the agenda will save you a lot of unnecessary stress.
  2. Know your courses and what to expect.
    • If you know what you are getting into (professor behaviors, class instructions) you will encounter a lot less surprises which is what we want!
  3. Get familiar with what you want to accomplish this coming semester/quarter.
    • Whether it’s joining new clubs, getting an internship, understand what you want and what will help you grow as a student and person.