Avengers: Infinity War—An Epic Superhero Movie Not to Be Missed

image source: Anwar Sosa

Though superheroes have been present in cinema since the 1940s’ movie serials of Batman and Superman, the genre started to rise in popularity with Sam Raimi’s Spiderman and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogies. But the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which began ten years ago with Iron Man, is the worldwide phenomenon that attracted thousands of moviegoers who had never before been interested in the superhero genre, while at the same time generating a billionaire model business.

The Marvel Universe’s careful planning through stand-alone films allowed iconic characters to finally converge in The Avengers (2012). A significant moment in cinematic history, The Avengers presented honestly and successfully a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And now, after a decade of buildup, audiences can finally enjoy Avengers: Infinity War, which is perhaps one of the best and most spectacular movies of the superhero genre.

The film presents audiences with the looming villain Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Stones—nearly all of which have been introduced in previous Marvel films. If Thanos obtains all six Infinity Stones, he will gain total control over the universe; in response, over twenty superheroes mobilize to stop this arrogant act. But despite the cast’s immense size, each character’s personality is respected, showing both the heroes’ strengths and vulnerabilities as a team. The battles and the mise-en-scène combine live action and CGI flawlessly.

Avengers: Infinity War is an epic film to be seen on a big screen. Its objective is to entertain en masse, but it nonetheless proves why cinema is the machinery of dreams.