Autumn in the Sun Outfits

This autumn has come faster than any of us expected, however, the sun is still blazing. I love this time of year because of the opportunity to layer your favorite pieces and still experiment with summer trends. Here are a few basic outfits for early autumn looks.

Photo from FMag

I’m always a fan of a mini dress and a jacket, and in my case, a soft, cotton dress with a deliberately oversized frock; I like corduroy and frayed denim. Neutral and dark colors look particularly good with this combination, as well as cool tones like jade and mauve. 

This look is soft and casual with a hint of edge. I like to pair it with converse or boots, depending on how warm it is. You can bring the jacket out for that evening chill after a long day out.

Photo from wheretoget

I also love pairing miniskirts and tights, particularly with cute crop tops and cropped sweaters. The look is elegant, put-together, and preppy-chic. I like using oversized sweaters with Ivy League schools on them, cardigans with tiny buttons, and soft band tees to layer with mini skirts for an effortless look. Anything from heels to converse look good with this outfit.

Lastly, I love the classic jeans and fragile top, particularly lace-edged camisoles and lingerie-inspired crop tops. This lets us play with fun mom jeans and wide brim pants, along with being a little daring up top and showing more skin. 

Photo from White Fox Boutique

Embroidered and lace-edged soft pieces are always my favorite. I also love to bring an oversized cardigan or light jacket for when the wind picks up a bit. Chunky sandals or heels with socks will elevate your outfit and aesthetic.