At Home Stress Relievers

During this time of high stress, it is absolutely necessary to take some time and energy away from the daily challenges and find some ways to destress. 

Photo from Honest

Personally, I have loved taking a bubble bath with the Honest Bubble Bath soap. This product is derived from all natural ingredients, and leaves your skin moisturized and clean. After an in-home workout or a long day of meetings it is important to take a minute for yourself and relax in a warm tub, while doing your skin a favor too! 

Photo from Sephora

Another crucial beauty regimen to keep in high priority during this time is using ample amounts of quality lotion. We are often unaware of how many times we are washing our hands each day, and these harsh soaps take a toll on our skin. The most emollient and nourishing hand lotion that I have loved lately is the L’Occitane Hand Cream. After just one use my hands stay hydrated for hours without any sticky residue. 

Photo from Amazon

The last way to destress during these trying times is to use any sort of face mask. Our faces often show our stress level much more than we are aware of, so being proactive and preventative is very important! There are plenty of options that can be purchased through online stores or Amazon, with a range of prices and benefits. Take this time to avoid unnecessary makeup and focus on revitalizing your skin!