Art Even Non-Artists Could Love

Image Source: Forbes

The ability to come up with new ideas is simply the meaning of being creative. Creativity is instinctual because it is detrimental to survival. It is the energy core in evolution, invention, expansion, improvement, and resolution. It is the reason we live with enthusiasm. It is also the reason we dream of better situations, to remind ourselves we are alive. Living is more than biological; it is thriving, and thriving is not without creativity. 

Creativity is not limited to the arts, but the arts are a great place to flex it. The spectrum of what is considered art has gone beyond what the self-ascribed non-artist would consider. There is so much to do and so much you can do! The point of being creative is to expand, improve, invent, and entertain… We can all add more color to our lives by simply triggering that creative gene that makes us human and want more from our life experiences.

Wall Calligraphy

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One way to ring out creativity from within could be with calligraphy. It’s as simple as writing what you want, but pretty. Calligraphy can improve the dry walls of any homestead. Often attractive styles of writing on display are general affirmations and philosophies framed and sold to the public but can lack originality because of this. It may not have dawned on you that your writing is worthy of a frame. Seek poems you’ve written or others you enjoy; try quotes from a powerful or joyous journal entry or from a favorite book, as long as you don’t sell others’ work for profit, you should be able to enjoy it on your wall.

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A New Style of Dance

Dance is exercise, it can be freestyled, altered to your mobility and it’s pure no-brainer fun. Specific dances are tailored to a particular style of music, so this could be an opportunity to explore a new dance along with the music that comes with it. Seeing the possibilities of reinventing your dance can present new opportunities to bond socially or to just improve your mood, and it is pretty conveniently accessible.

Cooking Your Favorite Takeout Meal

Image Source: @londoncookss on Instagram

There’s not much like a favorite takeout dish, but it’s even better when you can tweak it to favor your tastebuds. Popular dishes like chicken teriyaki, smoky beef tacos, or a slab of T-bone steak with mash and gravy, can be even better with your touch. With practice, you might have a possibly budget-friendly, homemade, high-quality dish to look forward to. It could turn the cogs in your cooking experimentations. There’s nothing like learning or improving new skills in cooking and grasping the art of it. Imagine a successful dish and the fun that went into creating it.

If these options don’t at least flex your creative muscles, you can brainstorm ways to bring creativity to things you already love. Your capabilities are boundless.