Apps That Will Make Your Life as a Student Easier

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The Spring semester is coming to an end, which means a lot of students are scrambling to finish the school year off strong. This time of the semester can be pretty stressful, and resources such as Discord and Slack can help make it easier on students! I was introduced to both of these apps/websites at the beginning of this year, and they have changed my life. Since we’re almost done with school, I thought I’d share how these apps can be helpful, so even if you don’t end up using them this semester, you might be able to gain something from them in the upcoming semesters!

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1. Discord is typically used by gamers as a place to talk with friends, but it’s great to use to communicate with your classmates. Students in the same class will usually set up a Discord server with other peers in order to talk about the class and ask for homework help. Almost all of my classes used Discord this semester and it was a lifesaver when I had questions about my assignments that I was confused about. It’s also a great way to get to know the people in your class, too!

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2. Slack is similar to Discord, but it’s usually set up by teachers rather than the students. One of my professors this semester used Slack a lot to communicate with us, and we also turned in assignments on there too. So if you have a professor that takes forever to reply to your emails, find out if they have Slack. It’s a really efficient way to get ahold of your professors and peers!