An Audio Escape

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Welcome to finals season, everyone! If you’re an underclassman, it marks yet another couple weeks of intense testing and presenting, and if you’re a senior–whether that means in high school or college– it’s the last chapter of this season of life and perhaps your last finals week ever

This time of the semester is not only the most stressful, but the most busy. At a time when we most need to take breaks and rest from all of the hard work, we are left with the least amount of time to do it. I know I need those moments to find a brief respite and recharge for what’s ahead, preferably with a book. Unfortunately, that time to crack open a novel is the first to go when things get tough. So for me and my fellow bookworms, where do we turn to find the escapism we desire? 

Though I know I am late to the game, I’ve recently discovered audiobooks. I far prefer a physical book to one I activate with my headphones, so I’ve mostly stayed away from the apps and streaming sites, but this last month of graduation preparation has stripped me of the leisure time I reserve for me, my book, and the couch. The need to multitask has driven me to the awaiting arms of audiobooks, as most of my time away from events and computers is while I’m doing chores or running errands. 

This is where the audiobook shows its benefits. Instead of turning on a show or watching a video while you do the dishes, you can keep making progress on your latest read. Where it might take you more time to work around the house and then sit down to the next chapter, you can do both at the same time. For those constantly hustling and bustling to the next thing and for those under the impression they simply don’t have time to be a reader, this is an easy solution. 

Audiobooks also have the potential to be slightly cheaper than physical copies. If you like to own your stories but don’t have the time to stop by Barnes and Noble, nor do you want to drop over $20 on a hardback, it is both quicker and more cost-effective to get an Audible subscription. There are also plenty of places to find free editions through some streaming services. One of those is Libby, which connects to your public library account to virtually offer a plethora of titles. Another option is Youtube, where many dedicated and excellent creators take it upon themselves to record their own favorite books. 

Thanks to places like those, I have been able to meet my heart’s need for nostalgia and my mind’s need for a mental break by re-listening to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. What will you be listening to this week?