An Album I Don’t Understand, But Love

Image Source: Worked Music

I’ve been a big fan of Kali Uchis since her sophomore album Isolation came out in 2018. Since then, I’ve been really excited about what she would come out with next. And then on Nov. 25th, 2020, Kali Uchis released Sin Miendo (del Amor y Otros Demonios), an album so good dare I say it made 2020 look a bit brighter. 

Sin Miendo is different from Uchis’s other albums as it is her first album that is almost entirely sung in Spanish. 

Usually, I don’t like the idea of listening to music where I don’t understand the lyrics, but because it was by one of my favorite artists, I decided to give it a try. Best decision of my life. 

The album starts off strong with “la luna enamorada.” Uchis’s dreamy vocals pull you in with the subtle guitar, and the bongo really makes the song come together beautifully. Her first song lures the listener in and leaves you wanting more. 

The songs go from soft and sensual like in “vaya con dios” and “quiero sentirme bien” and then will go a complete 360 degrees to fast-paced  and energetic like in “aqui yo mando!” and “la luz.” 

Usually, that would be seen as a bad thing, as it throws off the rhythm the previous songs created, but I think Kali Uchis creates the transition perfectly. She starts the transition with “telepatia” where her vocals and beat underlaid still give off a dreamy feeling, but the energy begins to pick up compared to the song before. 

With that transition, she’s able to highlight the different versions of Latin music to the listeners. It’s something that I especially enjoyed as it was my first time listening to Latin music.  I liked hearing the different renditions that are common in the genre. 

Overall, I think Sin Miendo is Kali Uchis’s best album she’s come out with thus far. The songs are catchy and easily replayable. This introduction to foreign music makes me consider what other types of music I’m missing out on just because I may not know the language.