All Happy Roads Lead to Books

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As a bookworm, it might be biased of me to say that I find the most encouragement towards intrinsic happiness from the books I read. Not all books may be joyful, but their connection to escapism may inspire some sort of joy. There is something about ink on a page that fosters perspective. 

It also probably goes without saying that my literary tendencies brought with them a love for journaling. Journaling, as another form of ink on a page,  forces me to permanently mark down my thoughts, therefore making them fully formed and understandable. I’ve journaled in many forms over the years, but one type that I have noticed makes a positive impact on my life is that of gratitude journaling.

Though it starts out challenging to specifically name the parts of your day or life that you are grateful for, force of habit makes it easier over time, and eventually new ways of thinking become more positive. I notice that after a couple weeks of writing down even a few positive aspects of my day, I’ve developed the ability to see things a little brighter– even noting the good things as I see them and setting a mental reminder to write about them later.  

The world can seem bleak at times– with the unfortunate contribution of the media, both social and entertainment– so it’s difficult to find many sources of truly encouraging material out there. Thankfully, through my interest in journaling and gratitude, I’ve been able to find a few interactive books in Barnes and Noble and beyond that encourage all who open them to be grateful. One of these interactive journals that I personally own is called 52 Lists to Happiness; each page is filled with creative opportunities to reflect on life and the highs and lows that abound. Let me tell you, it makes it much easier to be grateful on a daily basis with a simple structure to guide you along the way. 

In the spirit of giving thanks, find a book or journal that provides new ways to look at the world. You will thank yourself for it!