Alexa and Katie

Image Source: Wikipedia

A TV show that has taught me to appreciate life and live each moment to the fullest is the Netflix original, Alexa and Katie. I originally began watching this show with my younger cousin when I was sleeping over at her house. I was never expecting to enjoy a show targeted towards middle schoolers as much as I did, but I immediately fell in love with the storyline and characters.

Alexa and Katie is a show about two high school freshmen girls who have been best friends since childhood. During the first episode, the audience finds out that Alexa has been diagnosed with cancer, and is currently going through chemotherapy. She was with Katie when she began to notice that the chemo treatment was making her hair fall out, prompting a freak out that led to the vandalism of their principal’s house in hopes of getting expelled.  She was worried her classmates would realize she was losing hair and start treating her differently like she was the “sick girl.” However, once Katie found out that Alexa was losing her hair, she shaved her own head so that Alexa wouldn’t be the only one that their classmates would notice.

As the show continues through the four seasons, it addresses many important issues such as panic attacks, preparing for college, and money problems. As someone who suffers from anxiety, seeing Katie go through and overcome her panic attacks was very inspiring and motivational to me. Many TV shows geared towards middle schoolers brush over important topics, while Alexa and Katie fully addresses these issues and educates their viewers. Watching Alexa and Katie made me realize the importance of having close friends and family in my life, and appreciating every moment, regardless of what hardships and struggles I face.