Adventure Outlet

Image Source: Unsplash

In the beginning of quarantine, the announcement of the coronavirus was commonly misinterpreted as just an extended vacation, as the only information anyone received was that we were getting an extra week of spring break. Immediately, the people around me began to plan their getaway trips as the prices for plane tickets to destination locations were cut in half! After some time, and a harsh wake up call, those who were expecting to spend their ‘week off’ in Hawaii were realizing that this time in quarantine actually meant staying home and far away from any new adventures. The initial internal fire inspiring people to get out of their daily routines and experience a new land was put on the farthest burner back, but maybe now it’s time to revisit that spontaneity in a new light.

Now that we have been going through the process of social distancing for a few months, I hit my wall and knew it was time to get out of my well accustomed home. Still adhering to the social protocol of staying away from crowds and out of airports, I personally found a happy medium of doing this through camping. I acquired the proper equipment (a tent and some sleeping bags) and set out to find a place that was safe, open, and somewhere I had never had the pleasure of residing in. Of course, I encountered quite a few speed bumps along the way, like the majority of the California State Parks keeping their campgrounds closed due to the current climate, but I found a place I had never stayed before and ended up being thankful for where this predicament led me. If you are looking for a change in scenery, I encourage you to do the same! Get out in nature, and get your adventure fix, all while social distancing and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.