A Time To Be Grateful

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If you have yet to recover from your food coma after this Thanksgiving feast, take in a deep breath and exhale as you plop yourself onto the marshmallow-like couch. Sit back, relax, and have a GOURD time watching these family-friendly movies with your loved ones:

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Are We There Yet?

Laugh off some calories with this family-fun comedy, Are We There Yet? No need to stir your emotions thinking, Are We Done Yet? with family-fun movie night because the fun has just begun!

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The Parent Trap

How would you feel crossing paths and connecting with someone despite coming from different backgrounds, then discovering that you’re long-lost siblings? Watch how this situation unfolds in The Parent Trap.

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Meet the Robinsons

You most definitely did not fall asleep and dream about blasting into the future. Time travel 30 years into the future to Meet the Robinsons. It’s definitely going to be the BASTE time ever!

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Cheaper By The Dozen

Extend the family fun to the Baker family. Watch Cheaper By The Dozen, and if you’re craving more wholesome family time before the movie night ends, then catch its sequel: Cheaper By The Dozen 2!
This year’s Thanksgiving feast is all GOBBLED up. Re-gather the family from the dining table to the living room couch to cleanse your palate with the spread of cheerful laughter, joy, and love from these family-friendly movies. You’ll merrily be on your way to fully recover from your Thanksgiving feast food coma!