A Tale of Two Cities: My European Travel Diary

Image source: Kristina Nguyen

When it comes to summer vacations, one that stands out to me is a trip I took four years ago to Europe. I got the chance to travel to London and Paris with my French class, and it was an amazing experience! 

We spent a week between the two cities, so my schedule was pretty packed each day. Both places had incredible, unique atmospheres and I absolutely loved seeing the differences between the cultures and styles of architecture in each city.

During the days I was in London, we toured the Tower of London, strolled around Kensington Gardens, Piccadilly Square and visited Buckingham Palace, just to name a few. I really can’t pick my favorite spot in London because I thoroughly enjoyed it all. The city had a classic charm to it and although it was bustling, it didn’t feel too crowded for comfort. The sights were astounding and not to mention, the food was delicious! 

After three days in London, we took the channel to Paris to begin our French adventure. The feeling of walking along the cobblestone streets and peering into the cute shops and cafes was simply unmatched. One of the best parts of our time in Paris was going on a boat along the Seine at night, which gave us unbelievable views of the sparkling Eiffel Tower at night and the Notre Dame.

But most of all, I was very surprised by my favorite part of visiting Paris, as it wasn’t even Paris itself. It was the Palace of Versailles, which is right outside of Paris. The palace and its grounds took my breath away and the sheer size and grandeur of Versailles was astonishing. It is a place that I highly recommend visiting. Overall, this trip left me wanting to come back for more and have more time to truly soak everything in.

The next chance I get, I will for sure be heading back to Europe to revisit some old places and make memories in new ones!