A Table Full of Food

Image Source: visittheusa.com

This Thanksgiving, we’ll likely sit down at the dinner table surrounded by family with a table full of our favorite Thanksgiving foods. We’ll talk with our mouths full, laugh about memories past, and think about what we’ve been truly thankful for since the last time we celebrated. We’ll look forward to Christmas and the new year. Family will arrive with layers and layers of winter clothes on, fogging the windows with their “hello” and “it’s been so long” greetings.

As we reminisce about all that we have been given in life, the importance of being thankful is valuable not only to put our lives into perspective, but also to support our mental health. Being grateful is an exercise that requires effort. Oftentimes, we think of attitudes like gratitude (or confidence, kindness, etc.) as being personality traits that we may have missed out on when our personalities were coming into fruition. The reality is that these attitudes take intention. It requires time, dedication, and effort to be grateful, confident, or kind. It may come naturally to some, but to most, it takes constant reminders. 

When something good happens to us, we’ll celebrate the moment, pat ourselves on the back, sigh from the weight being lifted off our shoulders, and then continue on with the day. We’ll quickly look towards the next task that needs accomplishing. We’ll begin the stressful cycle over again. We’re all Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the mountain, but never celebrating that we got it up there in the first place! The following day, we’ll push and push again, but in that brief moment, resting against the boulder and watching the sunset or the stars near the top of the mountain, what more could we ask for? 

This Thanksgiving, be as grateful as you possibly can. Be grateful until you feel silly about it. Put a spin on anything and everything you can, and when you think you’re done, you’ll sit down to eat and find that you have even more to be grateful for. So, take a deep breath and be a little selfish with that time. The table is full of food anyways.