A SNL Thanksgiving

Image Source: The Laugh Button

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Between pigging out on all the wonderful food and spending time with my family, it’s definitely a day I look forward to every year. While a lot of people are enthralled with the Macy’s Day Parade that shuts down the streets of Manhattan every year, I find myself looking forward to the Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving skits. While they are corny, I find them hilarious and look forward to not just Thanksgiving but all their holiday themes. 

This year, I found myself thinking about a very specific SNL Thanksgiving skit starring the infamous Penelope (Kristen Wiig), who is volunteering at a soup kitchen to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. The skit also stars Anne Hathaway, who’s character Mary suffers the impact of Penelope’s overwhelming personality. Penelope’s quirky character always cracks me up and I love her in this SNL skit. 

This year’s SNL Thanksgiving aired the Wednesday night before the holiday and featured previous Thanksgiving sketches from the comedy show’s 47 seasons. Unfortunately, due to the craziness of the Holidays, I have yet to sit down and watch the two hour special. I have no doubt that some of the best SNL Thanksgiving skits were displayed in the program, and I cannot wait to watch it.