A Reminder to Do Things That Make You Smile


Image via Unsplash

Whether it be something small or big, this is your reminder to do the things you love. It could be going to the gym, cooking at home, or hanging out with friends. I’ve found that when I’m having a long day or just feel more negative, doing activities like that brings me joy, and there’s a noticeable change in my mood.

Before Daylight Savings hits, I want to go see the sunrise with a friend. While I love sunrises and sunsets equally, there is something magical about sunrises for me. I think it’s the fact that unless you’re getting up early every day, you don’t see them often. When I get up early to do something I don’t normally do, it makes me feel productive and motivated for the rest of the day. There’s also something special about surrounding yourself with nature that fills you with so much happiness and life—literally! Which I love!

If you’re not one to wake up early—which I’m not either—I recommend you push yourself to do it because it’s a special moment for you to reflect and get inspired. Other activities you could do are going to the beach and walking along the shore, enjoying the sunset while sitting on a picnic blanket, or jumping into the water to wake yourself up.

For me, these types of moments are ones that I remember forever because they remind me to live in the moment! I hope this motivates you to do the same!