A Legend is Born

Image Source: goodreads.com

Upcoming book-to-screen adaptation alert: Legend by Marie Lu! 

I’ve been a fan of Marie Lu since the moment I first picked up this series. Still deep in my fascination with dystopian worlds, Lu’s take on futuristic Los Angeles had me wrapped around its finger. I devoured the books instantly and moved on to her other works–which I could also not recommend more! If you can picture a 13-year-old nerding out about finally having Legend in her hands, then you can imagine how thrilled my college-graduated self was to find out that it’s being adapted into a television series. 

Thankfully, Lu herself is set to be writing and developing the series in partnership with Lindsay Sturman, who you may know from her work on knockout shows such as Teen Wolf and Supergirl. The executive producers are Jamie Lai, Samuel Yeunju Ha, and Lindsay Sturman, and Bound Entertainment is responsible for the adaptation itself. Bound makes it its mission to develop diverse stories from diverse creators, and Marie Lu has said that she trusts the company with her story. When the author is confident in the production company, we know we can be too! 

There is no set release date nor casting update, and the only slightly confirmed detail to be had is an age adjustment of the characters from 15 to 18 years old. However, we do have these new concept art images to nerd out over in the meantime. The first is of Legend’s dystopian L.A., and the other two are potential “locations.”

Image Source: instagram.com (art done by @plumehead_studio, posted by @marieluthewriter)
Image Source: instagram.com (art done by @plumehead_studio, posted by @marieluthewriter)
Image Source: instagram.com (art done by @plumehead_studio, posted by @marieluthewriter)

In case you aren’t already a fan of the books, allow me to give you a teaser that guarantees you’ll be waiting for production updates as anxiously as me: Day and June, a criminal and a prodigy, could not be from more different worlds. At only 15 years old, they both have the world on their shoulders as they navigate their own spheres of the Republic and its perpetual wars. When June’s brother is found murdered and all signs point to Day, the two become unlikely partners in crime as they investigate a death that is much more complicated than they first thought. When it’s all said and done, can June still trust her country? And can the two trust each other? 

With any luck, we’ll have news of their on-screen adventures soon. But until then, I suggest heading to your local bookstore for your next favorite book series.