A Gruesome Time: Getting That Ph.D. (Post-Halloween Depression)

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Plop yourself in front of the television and grab a handful of delectable candy. 🍬🍫🍭 The spirit of Halloween still lingers on in the cold, dark autumn nights 🌙🍂. It whispers, “Your passion for Halloween is keeping me from returning to the undead world. Sadly, our time together only lasts until sunrise. So let’s quickly continue the wicked-GOURD time!”

Here’s a list of 31 ways to scare away the 31 frights of post-Halloween depression:

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  1. What better way to keep the spirit of Halloween alive than visiting Halloweentown?
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  1. Or escaping to Hogwarts with Harry Potter? 🧙🏼
  1. Doesn’t matter where! The hex-tra special time we have together is like Practical Magic!
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  1. Let’s meet with my dear friend, Edward Scissorhands.
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  1. And it seems Casper wants to join in on the spooktacular fun! Don’t fret— he’s a friendly ghost. 👻
  2. Therefore there’s no need to act so Beastly.
  3. There are always many scary-good movie recommendations— do be scareful you don’t spook yourself too much with the Scary Movie of your choice!
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  1. However, I’m sure you’ll be Bewitched by the spoOoOpy visuals!
Image Source: Vocal Media
  1. IT 🎈seems that sunrise is near…
  2. My spirit will be returning to Zombieland soon. 🧟‍♂️
  3. Shall we take a stroll down Fear Street?
  4. Maybe we’ll see The Haunting of Bly Manor
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  1. Or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Image Source: Popsugar
  1. Or Mickey’s House of Villains.
Image Source: Paramount Plus
  1. Look! A black cat just walked past us! I wonder if it’s Salem, the brewtiful, lovable cat of Sabrina the Teenage Witch… If not, I’ll be witching you luck! 🐈‍⬛
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  1. Alas, the spirit of Halloween is returning back to its grave and burying itself deep underground until its return in the next year.
Image Source: Roger-Ebert.com
  1. Scream! Just bawl it out; the spooky season is indeed over.
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  1. I know, it’s all a bunch of Hocus Pocus! 🔮
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  1. Have a dance with Carrie, if you dare… it will definitely take your mind off the death of Halloween.🩸
  2. No need to look grim, the holiday may soon visit you again in slumber.
  3. It will surely be A Nightmare on Elm Street.
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  1. Or possibly The Nightmare Before Christmas. 💀🎄
  2. Let’s make a date in preparation. Shall we plan for Friday the 13th?
  3. Either way, we shall cross paths again. But if I have since passed, I can only hope you won’t call the Ghostbusters!
Image Source: 3 Brothers Film
  1. Or tell The Others
  2. Or Ma.
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly
  1. I’m EEK-static you’ll keep my presence on the Hush hush!
  2. Until next time, when the spirit of Halloween shall meet you at Hotel Transylvania
Image Source: Disney
  1. Or at The Haunted Mansion!
  2. In the meantime, I suggest you tuck yourself into bed with an American Horror Story
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  1. Or with a spooktastic Treehouse of Horror tale.

As the sun shines through, you’ll feel the EERIE-sistible thrill of the Halloween spirit leave your body. 🌅 And although it will be some time until spooky scares haunt your doorways again, feel free to relive the spirit through this list of iconic media in Halloween culture.