A Graphic Novel for Fall

Image Source: Rainbow Rowell

Looking for a short, cozy, autumnal read? Interested in a story about friendship, adventure, and all things fall? If so, I would highly recommend Pumpkinheads.

Pumpkinheads, a graphic novel written by Rainbow Rowell and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks, is centered around two teenagers, Deja and Josiah, who work at a Nebraska pumpkin patch every year from September 1st to Halloween. This year, both characters are seniors in high school, meaning this is their last time working at the patch. In order to make their final shift the best one yet, Deja and Josiah se out to complete a bucket list of activities scattered around the patch before it closes. As they check off these tasks throughout the night, they come to learn more about themselves and each other. 

Pumpkinheads is filled with charming main characters, adorable moments, and a mundane yet unique setting which is heavily utilized and explored. To add on, the dynamic between Josiah and Deja is well established and endearing. It is very apparent how much they care about one another and the memories they have made together over the years. Also, the art present with this book is fantastic and beautiful. Hicks does a great job balancing cute and more realistic elements as well as bringing the characters and world to life. If you have an extra hour or so in your day, spend that time reading this quick but amazing graphic novel.