A Gem Amongst Gold: The Best Chipotle Hack

Image Source: Businessinsider.com

Chipotle has the power to bring people together. Are you a meat eater? Vegan? Gluten-free? No matter what category you fall into, Chipotle can provide you with a satisfying meal. Of course, everyone knows about Chipotle. But hidden inside Chipotle is a gem that you didn’t even have to mine for. It sits on the kid’s menu, up on the board that rarely has eyes fall upon it. 

The tacos.  

The kid’s tacos.  

Two soft tortillas. 3 sections to put your rice, beans, and protein. And the best part, an endless supply of 3-ounce containers filled with salsa, corn, guac, cheese, and more. All that you could possibly dream of for five dollars. But that’s not the end. Throw that all in a bag and toss on your chips and a drink cup because when they say kid’s meal, they’re not joking about the meal part.  

Put it all together and you can provide for yourself with a 5-dollar bill and a sense of craftiness. Instead of splitting your bowl and rationing for the next day, you can have your meal fresh twice. You won’t need to close your eyes as you shovel brown guac into your mouth to allow yourself to carry on for another day. The kid’s meal came along and solved that problem for you. If you’re looking to nap on a full stomach, sure, go for the bowl. But if you are ready for a simple portion size and the ability to buy a bus ticket as well, the kid’s meal is the way to go. Take a risk and let your eyes wander up and fill your stomach in a much cheaper way. Get yourself a kid’s meal.  

And no, this isn’t an ad. This is a love letter to the meal that has fueled me and given me the chance to wince a little less when I see my credit card statement.