A Few Black-Owned Businesses You Need To Check Out

Image Source: Yelp Official Blog

Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about a few Black-owned businesses I’ve checked out recently. I’m a fan of beauty products, home decor, and clothing, so the following businesses were great for me. 

The first business I want to mention is called Terrance William Designs, which sells beautiful and unique dresses, hair accessories, dusters, and more. The designs are different and while on the pricier side, one can tell the clothing is worth the price. 

Next, I want to talk about a business called Missesbrie that sells bathing suits and accessories. These suits are inclusive of all sizes and they’re truly beautiful. I’d highly recommend you check it out for this summer season. 

Finally, I want to mention On A Bad Day, which sells candles. There’s all kinds of natural scents and these would make a perfect gift for any friend or family member. 

I hope you found something you like from these businesses as this is a fantastic way to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and small businesses in general, now that they might need more of our help. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.