A Digital Revolution

Image Source: Wingkiu Leung

Since the 21st century, technology has underwent bursts of innovation and progress. With the increasing extensiveness of human capacity, the realms in which we have managed to impact are all credited to one of our own creation: technology. I find myself relying more and more on various sorts of technology to go about everyday life. For example, I use my laptop at school every day, and I use my phone to keep in contact with people all around the globe. Although the benefits of technology is a contentious issue, I’m sure it can be agreed that technology connects us all in a way we never have been before. 

One way I use technology to “stay connected to the world” is through the use of an application called Wechat. This app seems to have a bigger platform in China than anywhere else. Boasting multiple features including a messaging feature (hence the name), a digital payment service, a taxi hailing feature, and a food delivery service, WeChat has truly revolutionised China. Now, I almost never bring anything but my phone around; everything I need is on WeChat!