A Cold Treat

It’s February, the month of love, and that means it is time to treat yourself and your one true love—your stomach! Forget bae and instead take yourself on a date. There is no guilt at Chunk-N-Chip, just delicious desserts.

There are plenty of more popular ice cream places in Old Town Orange such as Pandor or Afters, but Chunk-N-Chip should not be counted out. Located inside The Aussie Bean, Chunk-N-Chip has all the classics such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry—along with more out-of-the-box and flavorful inventions. There’s a scrumptious blend of french toast and bacon, or a pumpkin cheesecake, or even fruity pebbles. My personal favorite is the Ay Chihuahua, a mix of horchata, chocolate, espresso, peppita & guajillo flakes that is more tasty than it has a right to be.

You can enjoy each flavor by itself, in a cone, as a milkshake, as a soda float, or as their signature “sammich”—an ice cream flavor or two smashed between a pair of warm cookies available in a variety of their own flavors like chocolate chip, red velvet, snickerdoodle, or marshmallow graham cracker.

Take your friends or partners if you dare, but be warned—you may leave with a significantly heavier stomach and a lighter wallet.