Amtrak: The New Wave of Travel

As the new year is upon us, the urge to jump into a pile of fluffy snow becomes harder to resist. Hot cocoa, Christmas lights, holiday movies, and that magical feeling of the winter season that is craving your attention. As someone who tries to be aware of my carbon footprint and who commutes to and from Los Angeles on the weekends, taking public transportation is something I have set out to do more in the coming year. 

The amtrak train has tracks all over the United States with 500 destinations. From Irvine to Seattle for as cheap as $100, one can have a completely immersive and beautiful travel experience. The train ride length varies, but the average time between these two cities is 30 hours. This allows you to get on the train at night, hang out with friends, play games, and eat dinner. Then you sleep and wake up within a few hours of your destination and take in the beautiful landscape the north offers in the winter. The amtrak offers coach and business seating private rooms. The private rooms range between a shared sleeper, a bedroom, and a family room that includes a restroom, sink, and shower. Complementary meals included.

With the holiday season in motion, amtrak has dedicated an entire section of trains based on holiday events throughout the United States for you to travel in, from New York Radio City Spectacular to Williamsburg Busch Gardens Christmas Town adventure. You can also take the train up to any national park around the U.S. and explore the beautiful mountains and lakes. Right now, amtrak is also offering 20% off trips. Passengers traveling with monthly, ten-ride, or six-ride passes will be required to confirm their intended trips on reserved services with ride reserve. Your next journey across the U.S. is waiting for you with amtrak.