6 Subtle Ways to Add Red or Green to Your Holiday Outfit

There’s only one more week until Christmas! Although holiday parties are on hold this year due to the pandemic and social distancing orders, we can still dress up in festive colors to keep the holiday spirit alive! Read on to see some of the best and most subtle ways to add a pop of red or green to your holiday outfit this season.

1. Green Plaid Scarf and Green Boots

Photo from extrapetite.com

There’s nothing more classic than a scarf-and-boots combo on a cold winter day. Try opting for forest-green tones for a more classic and subtle look that is eye-catching enough for the holidays, yet subtle enough to wear even after December.

2. Green Wool Coat

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A wool coat is another weather-appropriate piece. A longer fit is more functional, and I also gravitate towards coats with a more structured silhouette since it can help to pull a look together. Even a casual turtleneck-and-jeans outfit is instantly elevated with the addition of a chic coat!

3. Green Midi Skirt and Green Pumps

Photo from extrapetite.com

If you’re into a more classic look, then this combo of a midi-skirt and pumps is perfect for you! A skirt in an emerald tone is refined and elegant, and a pair of suede green pumps in the same shade completes the outfit, making this a lavish outfit instantly!

4. Red Sweater and Red Plaid Scarf

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If a cozier ensemble is more up your alley, try choosing an oversized sweater in a classic red shade. If you’d like to tone the outfit down a bit, adding a plaid scarf with red details can help to break up the solid block of color without making the ensemble look too busy.

5. Red Satin Skirt

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If you feel like dressing up, a satin skirt is definitely the perfect choice, since the glossy texture looks glamorous. To make the outfit more interesting, try opting for a skirt with a high slit, or you can even pair it with unconventional outerwear, such as a leather jacket.

6. Red Ankle Boots

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If you’re not feeling super festive, then one of the most subtle ways to add a pop of red to your outfit would be to opt for ankle boots. By keeping the rest of your outfit plain, the stunning burst of color can be the true star of the show!

That wraps up some of the easiest ways to subtly add a hint of red or green to your holiday look! What are some of your favorite holiday-inspired outfits?