5 Underrated Clothing Brands to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Image Source: sinaimg

Finding your own style is no easy feat. Sometimes, you’re lost on what exactly your style is, and other times, pieces of clothing you deem to fit your style are simply not as accessible as the brands that everyone else seems to wear. If you’re tired of wearing the same thing as your peers, then perhaps it’s time to broaden your knowledge of underrated clothing brands. These options will provide you with an opportunity to spice up your wardrobe and experiment with different styles that will make you stand out. 

  1. SVNDZ
Image Source: sinaimg

Established in 2020 by influencer Kathy Zhang, SVNDZ is a Chinese fashion brand featuring both women’s and unisex clothing. A new collection drops every few months, each with an overall color scheme and theme that proves to be unique and innovative. SVNDZ features a lot of cut-outs in its designs as well as mesh detailing that really complements the brand’s overall style. Its official website offers international shipping, and it also has a Taobao store and a WeChat mini program for Chinese customers. 

  1. Hyein Seo
Image Source: assets.vogue.com

Founded by a South Korean designer of the same name in 2014, Hyein Seo specializes in unique streetwear styles. Because the brand features a generally simple color scheme consisting of blacks, whites and grays, it instead puts emphasis on the designs and cuts of the pieces. At Hyein Seo, you can find baggy cargo pants, tops with cut-outs and large puffer jackets, challenging the line between masculinity and femininity cleverly and skillfully. 

  1. Rui
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As one of the nine finalists for the LVMH Prize in 2019, New York-based Chinese designer Rui Zhou launched her namesake brand to explore the interactions between fashion and body beyond typical silhouettes. Rui features an array of bodysuits, tank tops and stockings with iconic circular and oval cut-outs that explore the body as a frame, revealing and amplifying the body in effect. Rather than simple pieces of clothing, Rui’s work seems more like art. Whether worn individually or layered, each piece will definitely make your outfit stand out. 

  1. Shushu/Tong
Image Source: hips.hearstapps.com

Shanghai-based brand Shushu/Tong offers a look into ‘90s nostalgia and notions of girlhood. Its feminine style is also bold at times, aiming to make women feel powerful. Shushu/Tong aims to bridge the gap between “girl” and “woman” while reimagining modern femininity; therefore, its styles feature lace, frills, mesh and puffy sleeves while also incorporating flowy dresses and dress shirts. If you prefer more feminine styles, then Shushu/Tong is definitely worth trying out.

  1. Pain or Pleasure
Image Source: fdu.co.kr

South Korean brand Pain and Pleasure is a designer brand that aims to combine femininity and streetwear. Similar to Hyein Seo, the brand features baggy bottoms and simple colors such as black, white and gray; in contrast, Pain and Pleasure offers less form-fitting tops and a wider array of colors, adding pinks, greens and blues to the mix. The brand has an English website and offers international shipping, so it is easily accessible to those outside of South Korea.