5 Must-Try Korean Desserts & Pastries

1. PatBingsu (Shaved Ice)

Image Source: Kollectionk

If you’re looking for a sweet and refreshing dessert during the sweltering summer days, I highly recommend trying bingsu, otherwise known as shaved ice. This sweet dessert is a delicate snow-like shaved frozen milk base with toppings of your choice. Some of these toppings include red beans, fruits, and condensed milk. It’s perfect for cooling down during long summer days, and if you’re around the area, I highly recommend MealTop for its unique bingsu options.

2. Samanco Ice Cream

Image Source: Melona

A popular Korean ice cream dessert, Samanco, is a unique fish-shaped waffle shell ice cream with rich syrup and vanilla ice cream. Don’t worry; there is no fish inside. The sweet dessert is just well-known for its shape. With many different flavors, including red bean, strawberry, chocolate, brown sugar boba, and matcha, this unique ice cream flavor comes with many different flavors that will surprise your sweet tooth!

3.Hodu-gwaja (Walnut Pastries)

Image Source: TastingTable

Hodu-gwaja, otherwise known as walnut pastries, are a popular Korean street snack! These pastries are made from a thin batter filled with sweetened red bean paste and small chunky walnuts. The delightful sweet pastries are super convenient to grab and eat when you’re running busy and need a quick snack to fill you up!

4. Gilgeori Toast (Korean Street Food Toast with Eggs and Cabbage)

Image Source: New York Times Cooking

Gilgeori, which means “street toast” in Korean, is a sweet and savory egg sandwich that includes shredded, crunchy cabbage. The toast is popularly sold by many street vendors in Korea as a grab-and-go snack. The crunchy toast with the sweet and savory filling is a must-try and can be eaten for breakfast or lunch.

5. Dalgona Coffee

Image Source: Hello Little Home

Originating from Macau, this popular drink is eye-catching for social media and has a bittersweet taste. And it’s only made with three simple ingredients, sugar, coffee, and hot water. Once the simple mixture is beaten, it becomes a fluffy texture that can sit on top of cold or hot milk. If you want to try an easy coffee recipe, I recommend Dalgona coffee for a new experience.