The Effortless Curl

This mod three-step curled hair style is my go-to look if I am going to a brunch, a big night out, or truly any event. I have recently been obsessed with creating it on my friends as well as myself, so I highly recommend you try it out! This look consists of an effortless curl that maximizes the volume of your hair while being both chic and professional.

Photo by Audrey Wagner

I start off by making sure that all of the hair is relatively straight so that the style can be created without any prior crimp, which would impact the smooth curl that I want to reach in the end.

After this, I use a wand curler, which has no clamp. This type of curler works more efficiently and provides you more control over the type of curl that you are trying to create.

Photo by Audrey Wagner

The next step is the most grueling, but it takes minimal focus, so turn on a good playlist or show to watch and it will fly by. By adding one curl to each section of hair, this will create a base for the styling portion. When this is completed, and all hair has been curled with no particular technique, the final and most important step is ready to take place.

This consists of adding a second layer of very tight curls to only the very top layer of hair and making sure it begins all the way from the root. It is important to leave a space of about one inch between each curl. Depending on the desired level of volume you can switch directions of each curl.

Then you can comb through gently and tease the hair if you would like to give it a messier, more distressed look. When completed, I recommend going in and curling any stragglers that need to be retouched and adding a light layer of hairspray if necessary!