4 Cute and Fun Accessories for the Aquarius

Astrology has been used for thousands of years by various civilizations and cultures. In the past, astrology was primarily used to understand the meaning of life and to communicate more effectively with other people. Currently, we also use astrology to understand ourselves.

Though I’m not an avid follower of astrology, I still enjoy reading my horoscope, and I find it very fun and entertaining. I also love shopping for items that embody or represent my zodiac sign! Read on to see which Aquarius items I can’t get enough of! 

Photo from JewelsByGaia

1. Aquarius Necklace

I have a lot of zodiac sign jewelry pieces, but I always gravitate towards necklaces because they add the perfect touch of classiness to just about every look. I really like this simple pendant necklace from Etsy, since it’s handmade by a small business owner, which resonates with one of the traits of Aquarius: being deeply motivated by the spirit of egalitarianism.

Photo from Society6

2. Aquarius Phone Case

I love accessorizing with phone cases, and this cute Aquarius case is no exception! I can’t get enough of the simple design, which consists of small wildflowers and represents the free-spirited nature of Aquarians perfectly!

Photo from Ryan Porter

3. Aquarius Candle

 I’m also a big fan of candles, and this sassy candle from Ryan Porter is the cutest! This item is a little more fun because of its quirky message. It’s perfect for the Aquarius in me since it sports such a distinctive attitude. Plus, lighting a candle for some me-time perfectly matches the Aquarians’ need for space and time to reflect, form ideas, and plan their roles in revolutions!

Photo from SunbeamPrints

4. Aquarius Print

Last but not least is this print! I love how it’s simple and lists the Aquarius personality traits, particularly the ones that resonate the most with me.

 That wraps up my favorite accessories for the Aquarius! Are you a big fan of astrology?