Three NFL Teams You Should Be Cheering For

Image Source: Cincy Jungle

Most of us have our favorite ride-or-die NFL team that we cheer for in rain or shine. However, if you belong to the growing percentage of people who don’t know which NFL teams are suitable to root for without offending half your family, here are three underdog teams with decent records that no one is going to berate you for supporting.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

With a 2018 record of 9-6-0 in the regular season, the Ravens aren’t exactly the best team in the NFL. That being said, they have a way of coming back to beat teams that they shouldn’t be able to. Note the 2012 playoffs, when the Ravens consecutively beat the Broncos, Patriots, and 49ers, three football powerhouses.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have a record of 8-7-0 thus far, which is decidedly not stellar. Although they have never won the Super Bowl, they consistently make postseason and often go far, making them a safe team to watch.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals play the majority of their games as the underdog. This year, with a record of 6-9-0, they’re not the most successful team in the league, but they still wow the crowds every once in a while. When everyone else goes bandwagon for the Bengals, you can say you saw it coming.