3 Confidence-Boosting Articles of Clothing

One of the best feelings is wearing an outfit that makes you feel your absolute best. Here are my favorite articles of clothing that increase self-confidence. 

Photo from Nordstrom

Whether it’s a casual walk by the beach or a fancy night out, a maxi dress is a great choice! A maxi dress lessens the amount of work you must put into the rest of your outfit as it is easy to throw on; add some hoop earrings and a pair of sandals and you’re done! My favorite stores to purchase dresses and accessories are Nordstrom, Topshop, and Express. 

Photo from Tobi

I love wearing a pair of well-fit jeans. Jeans come in so many different styles, baggy or skintight, and you can find whichever kind fits your personality best. I enjoy jeans embroidered with a cute pattern that acts as the focal point of the outfit. 

Photo from Good American

Another piece of clothing that boosts confidence is a blazer. It’s almost impossible not to feel empowered when you are wearing a blazer. Blazers come in any color you like, but a simple black blazer will do wonders for your confidence. Blazers can be part of a formal outfit or easily dress up a simple white shirt and blue jeans. 

Photo from Old Navy

These are my three favorite pieces of clothing that make me feel amazing.