2021 Met Gala: Best Dressed

Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

The Met Gala recently took place on September 13th, and the guest’s outfits are all everyone’s been talking about! This year’s theme was American Fashion, and the broadness of the theme allowed celebrities to dress differently and creatively. Although there was a lot of controversy surrounding the celebrities and their outfits, there were also various outfits that the majority of people loved and couldn’t get their eyes off of. Since the Met Gala is arguably the most influential fashion event of the year, it’s only right to share some of the outfits that were worn. 

Image Source: RollingStone
  • Frank Ocean

Even though I have absolutely no clue how the outfit and the doll tie into the theme of America, the doll made a lasting, creepy impression on a lot of people. 

Image Source: RollingStone
  • Lil Nas 

Lil Nas went all out for this year’s Met Gala, with three different outfits. His idea surrounding the outfits was personal, which made his looks stand out even more.

Image Source: CNET
  • Grimes

Grimes definitely took on a futuristic style with her look, and did amazing. She stood out from the crowd and was still able to embody her aesthetic too.

Image Source: Global News
  • Dan Levy

I expected nothing less from someone that played an extravagant and fashionable character in Schitts Creek. Dan Levy even took his outfit outside of the realm of the American theme by incorporating the entire world.

Image Source: Page Six
  • Billie Eilish

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Billie did an amazing job staying on theme while still looking great.