2020 Resolutions

Image Source: Parade

Hey everyone, today I’m discussing our 2020 resolutions. I’m sure all of us had a whole list of things we wanted to accomplish before the end of the year. But with COVID-19, most of those resolutions were either put on hold or completely removed from the list because we were no longer able to do them. However, it’s important to not lose hope as hope is stronger than fear. Even though we might not be able to get to everything this year, that doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to accomplish these goals. There are also other things you can use this time to do. 

My best advice is to think outside the box. Our goals can be very different; some plans can be accomplished in different ways. For example, instead of taking a plane to travel to another country, maybe take a road trip and travel to the lake, the mountains, or a relative’s house, while staying safe. However, other plans are harder to work around, Such as if you received a job before quarantine and now that company has closed. Nonetheless, it’s important to move forward and work around our plans because while many aspects of our lives have come to a halt, time does not, and we must continue to move forward. If you cannot find a job or you lost your previous one, search for other passions and find a way to create a new opportunity for yourself. We live in a world where many of us are entrepreneurs: we create businesses, blogs, or music. I recently created my own bookstagram to talk about the books I’ve been reading. 

During these difficult times it’s important to focus on what makes us happy and what we love to do. Use this time to dedicate yourself to the small bucket list items you never have time for, whether that be reading, writing, watching movies and TV shows, or creating art. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.