2020 New Release Highlight: Billie Eilish

So far, the year 2020 has put us all through a whirlwind of events that have impacted not only all industries, but all individuals in some sort of way. Throughout this turmoil, there have been a few artists that maintained their contribution to the music community and brought some light and joy to these rocky roads. My favorite single to come out this year was without a doubt from Billie Eilish titled, ‘My Future’.

Billie’s stardom has skyrocketed over the past few years. She released her first single in 2016 and now, at just 18 years of age, she is dominating the charts. Her new single came out on July 30th and is the perfect blend ofsoft and simple with a kick of drum that is introduced half way through keeping you enticed. Not only is the melody and arrangement such an easy listen, but the lyrics are what make this song so special to me. She has a sense of candor that lets the listener in as she sings about how she is hopeful about the future. So often in modern day life and entertainment people are so obsessed with relationships, and find their worth in being emotionally and physically tied with someone else, but Billie challenges this. She addresses how society makes it seem as though she is supposed to be unhappy or lonely because she’s not with someone, but follows this with, ‘but aren’t Isomeone?’

I think this is so important to recognize and to promote self worth and self love before you enter into a relationship just for the status or cultural pressures. She is constantly challenging the oppressive stigmas that are so prevalent in today’s society, allowing her to serve as more than just an incredible voice and musician but as an activist promoting social change as well. Go check this song and cartoon styled music video out if you are looking for an addicting song with a beautiful message!