New Fortnite Map Captivates More Players

Image Source: Dexerto

The video game Fortnite celebrated its first birthday on July 25, 2018; and as a present to the millions of dedicated Fortnite players, the game released a more modern version of its famous “Battle Royale” map. Since the initial release of the game, players had become bored with the repetitiveness of the map, causing a decrease in revenue for Epic Games–the company behind Fortnite. The owners quickly went to work listening to the desires of their customers—and they successfully delivered.

New and old players from all across the globe logged on to see what the recent Fortnite update had to offer, and they were not disappointed. The “Battle Royale” map revision has brought additions of various locations that allow the players new scenery to indulge upon. The Fortnite creators also gifted their devoted players with new “high capacity, fast firing” compact SMG weapons; these new weapons will allow for a clearer, cleaner shot at the enemy.

Because Fortnite is constantly being remodeled and updated to fit the players’ wants, it quickly became ranked number one in the most popular games of 2018. Fortnite “Battle Royale” allows the users the capability of playing online, has an easy objective, and is simple to play. Because of Fortnite’s award winning qualities, it is a fun videogame for all ages and genders.

Fortnite promptly became a trend around the world, connecting fellow “video gamers” together.  The game has become known across all social media platforms and is destined to continue to entertain players for years to come.