10 Songs Whose Lyrics Scream Women Empowerment

Image Source: Music Mundial

In today’s society where male artists currently rule over many sectors of the music industry, being able to hear songs written by women for women becomes so much more impactful.

Female singers and songwriters in the industry have contributed multitudes of influential songs and lyrics over the years to the public in order to celebrate feminism and womanly confidence. Feminist anthems have been a part of mainstream media for well over 50 years now, spreading messages of girl power and the overarching fact that women have what it takes to do anything they set their minds to. 

Several feminist songs nowadays tie into recent women’s rights rallies and marches, fighting to lift women up rather than tear men down. These 10 songs – created by 10 different powerful women – commend female friendships, celebrate female anatomy, and embrace women’s sexuality, all while trying to survive in a male-dominated world. Along with those powerful messages these feminist anthems also mix in funky and optimistic beats to give all of us women that feel-good vibe.

Especially with all of the recent attacks made against women (i.e. Roe V. Wade and workplace harassment) now more than ever do we have to remember and live by the lyrics in many of these feminist anthems. These 10 songs are just a few out of the hundreds of iconic feminist songs that will make you want to bust a move, while also reminding you of how powerful you truly are. 


#10. “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max


Most Powerful Lyric: No damsel in distress, don’t need to save me / Once I start breathing fire, you can’t tame me / And you might think I’m weak without a sword / But if I had one, it’d be bigger than yours

To all of you queens; power and independence flow through you all, and Ava Max proves that to be true in this upbeat feminist bop.


#9. “Free Woman” by Lady Gaga


Most Powerful Lyric: “I’m not nothing without a steady hand / I’m not nothing unless I know I can / I’m still something if I don’t got a man / I’m a free woman”

Finding comfort in being free and taking charge of your own life is Lady Gaga’s speciality. If she can find that comfort (without a man), then you can too! #GrrlPower


#8. “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys


Most Powerful Lyric: “Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame / So bright, she can burn your eyes / Better look the other way”

The confidence boost that this song evokes will make you want to scream these lyrics at the top of your lungs. Make sure to thank Alicia Keys for this work of art. 


#7. “Can’t Hold Us Down” by Christina Aguilera ft. Lil Kim


Most Powerful Lyric: “So, what, am I not supposed to have an opinion? / Should I keep quiet just because I’m a woman? / Call me a bitch ’cause I speak what’s on my mind / Guess it’s easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled”

Even though this song came out back in 2002, it is still more relevant than ever in today’s society. If you ever feel afraid to say your opinions because of your identity as a woman, make sure to give Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim a call; they’ll get you speaking your mind in no time.


#6. “Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé


Most Powerful Lyric: I stopped the world / Male or female, it make no difference / I stop the world / World, stop—Carry on

Who better than Queen Nicki and The Queen B themselves to tell you to love yourself and to take charge of your life? Now that’s true empowerment right there.


#5. “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande


Most Powerful Lyric: (Yeah) And I can be all the things you told me not to be / (Yeah) When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing / (Yeah) And he see the universe when I’m the company / It’s all in me”

Comparing women to God is enough to boost our egos. But combining that with a catchy beat and Ariana Grande’s impeccable voice further pushes us to declare ourselves to be the goddesses we are as well.


#4. “Just A Girl” by No Doubt


Most Powerful Lyric: Cause I’m just a girl, oh, little old me / Well, don’t let me out of your sight / Oh, I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite / So don’t let me have any rights / Oh, I’ve had it up to here”

This song mocks those who view women to be delicate, defenseless, and unable to face the world on their own. Gwen Stefani challenges that view with this feminist bop, showing all us women that we can handle anything that is thrown at us. 


#3. “Like A Girl” by Lizzo


Most Powerful Lyric: “Woke up feelin’ like I just might run for president / Even if there ain’t no precedent, switchin’ up the messaging / I’m about to add a little estrogen / Buy my whip by myself / Pay my rent by myself”

Lizzo is the QUEEN of confidence and if you ever need that sudden boost to remind you how much girl power you truly possess, she’s your girl!


#2. “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore


Most Powerful Lyric: “You don’t own me / Don’t try to change me in any way / You don’t own me / Don’t tie me down ’cause I’d never stay”

Independence is the ultimate key to confidence. Even back in 1963 when this song was released, Lesley Gore made sure that all girls would feel empowered to live by that motto for years to come.


#1. “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé


Most Powerful Lyric: “Boy you know you love it / How we’re smart enough to make these millions / Strong enough to bear the children (children) / Then get back to business”

This song speaks for itself in its title alone. Girls do indeed rule the world and Beyonce created this all-around bop to emphasize just that. 

With the introduction of these 10 songs, it’s clear to see just how much emphasis on empowerment and women’s rights female artists bring to the industry. There is an entire array of feminist songs already released and we can only hope that even more bops are dropped in the near future.